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4166 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Holy Kitchen

4166 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Here at Holy Kitchen we serve the best, most authentic Indian food in the San Francisco! We understand the subtleties, complexities and ins and outs of Indian food, and we take great pride in serving up the best San Francisco can offer. Come visit and discover for yourself how fresh, flavorful and satisfying Indian food can truly be!

Whether you are new to Indian cuisine or a die-hard fan, you will find something to surprise and please you at Holy Kitchen. We use only the freshest ingredients and rely on the most authentic recipes. Those who are familiar with Indian dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala or Aloo Gobi will love our rich and wonderful takes on these favorite dishes. Indian food relies heavily on elements used in particular proportions. A great Indian meal uses spiciness, heat, texture and flavor in equal measure. When all these qualities work together, you will find yourself eating a truly unique and unforgettable meal.

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We highly recommend piquing your appetite with one of our delicious appetizers. If you like nachos—and who doesn't?--try our Papdi Chaat. Unlike traditional nachos, Papdi Chaat is actually good for you as well as delicious. It combines yogurt, chutney, chick peas and potatoes with crispy chips. It's a great introduction to the exciting Indian flavors to come.

Like every Indian restaurant, we make sure our curry is worthy of our name! We take extra time making sure the spices are balanced but distinctive. Try our Chicken Curry: A classic if there ever was one! Our Biryanis, or spiced and flavored rice, are heavenly. We pack them with tasty ingredients that take ordinary rice into a new dimension of flavor.

Come to Holy Kitchen and find out why it truly deserves its name!

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